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Signal boxes DGM-SK


The gas management signal box DGM-SK it a fault indicating unit and can monitor up to ten electrical circuits for deviation from the norm. An integrated lamp and signal horn allow for testing the correct operation of the instrument. If one or more alarm signals are triggered (e.g. gas failure) an acoustic (buzzing noise) and an optical signal (red LED) are emitted for each channel. The acoustic signal is acknowledged by pressing a button, the optical signal does not switch off until all malfunctions have been remedied. The instrument is equipped with a collective alarm to notify a main central office, a control unit or an external signalling device. Any equipment is possible for use as a signal transmitter as long as it has either a mechanical contact or an inductive-contact in accordance with DIN 19234 NAMUR.

Technical Data

Body: Polystyrol
Protection class: IP 54
Power supply: 220-250 V AC; 50-60 Hz
Protection: 3,15 mA, slow blow fuse



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