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组号: 4960

This highly advanced SAM® brand model with advanced sensor and valve technology, field-proven components and high-speed, digital circuitry delivers presice flow control even at very low flow rate down to 1 SCCM.

Designed with field-proven components and high-speed digital circuitry, FX has achieved superior reliability performance with < 0,5 % zero drift over one year and superior repeatability of 0,06 % of full scale. Comprehensive communication and control functions include flow, valve and CPU alarms, gas-flow totalizing and ramping control, system override capabilities and in-situ gas and range customization. FX's outstanding technology capabilities reduces overall costs by cutting inventory requirements.


  • Multi-gas, multi-range selection
  • Pressure-insensitive operation
  • Diaphragm direct sealing valve
  • Extremely reliable coil type thermal sensor
  • Guaranteed precision
  • Extremely corrosion-proof with stable control waveform NiCo alloy diaphragm
  • Unique, special electro-polished surgaces
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Low flow rates available (1 SCCM)
  • Comprehensive alarm functions


  • Outstanding accuracy, repeatability, and stability
  • Impressive alarm and diagnostic functions
  • Comprehensive communication and control
  • Superior reliability flexibility
  • Greater flexibility and lowr cost of ownership
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