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MediFlow®Ultra II使雾化变得简单

发布 于 19 三月 2021 Hana Holasová

现在,借助GCE Healthcare的FlowSelector,您可以轻松连接到雾化器,从而更快、更轻松、更安全地为患者提供雾化。 GCE Healthcare MediFlow®Ultra II可以同时提供氧气治疗和雾化功能,可方便地连接到壁装式气体终端设备。 ...

Seeing is believing - Central Gas Supply Systems

发布 于 15 一月 2021 Hana Holasová

Central gas supply systems are vital to the provision of lifesaving healthcare in hospital environments. To help medical professionals and buyers specify the right equipment for the right healthcare setting, GCE Healthcare has developed an animation.  Showcasing how we make medical gas equipment usable, the video illustrates how our Central ...

Merry Christmas 2020 from GCE Group

发布 于 21 十二月 2020 Hana Holasová

We wish you a pleasant Christmas holiday in the circle of your loved ones, no worries - just joys and, above all, good health! This year has prepared something new for us all, or rather different than we expected. It was undoubtedly a challenging year, but it was also full of awareness - awareness of the things that really matter. We wish you ...